Supraworld Presskit

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– Short Description –

Be tiny in a handcrafted toy world. Explore, solve puzzles, ignore the main quest, get out of bounds, find secret areas, convict murderers. Hunt for powerful new abilities to unravel this vast, interconnected world… And don’t forget to save the princess.

– Longer Description –

You play an apprentice of the solver’s guild. Solvers are the most important people in this world because puzzle storms are rising all over the place, making people’s lives harder. You’re challenged with graduating your solver’s exam by saving the princess from the nearby castle.

Supraworld is a First-Person-Puzzle-Metroidvania. The interconnected world will expand the more upgrades and abilities you find.
The world is filled to the brim with secret areas for you to find. Instead of invisible walls blocking you everywhere, the geometry you see is exactly what you get and what you can use for your traversal.
There is pretty much no useless decoration in the game. Everything you see is there for a specific reason; and it’s not to clutter up your monitor with useless details.
A new addition to the franchise are detective cases. In those you’re freely deducing who commited one of five murders and you’re free to lock up whoever you think is the culprit.

Most of the time is spent exploring, solving puzzles and doing detective work. Combat is a relatively small part of the game and is sometimes also puzzle heavy.

Supraworld trusts you to be clever and is not holding your hand. Therefore the target audience are experienced players who are tired of the same old generic adventure games and are longing for something that challenges and surprises them in new ways.

– Supraworld Press Kit – Hires Images, Screenshots, Key Arts, Transparent Logos –

Keyart (1920×1080)
Keyart no logo (2560×1485)
Logo transparent
Logo (no egg) transparent
Logo eggs transparent
Keyart vertical