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Want more Supraland?

It’s time to leave the sandbox… and move inside.

Supraland 2 is coming! We have lots of new ideas for Supraland 2, but don’t worry – our core design philosophy will stay the same as in Supraland 1. You will play this First-Person-Metroidvania at your own pace, explore the hell out of the world, upgrade your gear, find new secrets and abilities, and solve lots of puzzles you have never seen before.

We learned big lessons with Supraland. The biggest lesson of all was discovering our weaknesses and what we need to improve. In order to make Supraland 2 even bigger and better than the original, we will recruit an additional combat designer and a narrative designer to the development team!

(Playtime approx. 15-30 hours, Release Date approx. 2021, Platforms: Steam, GOG, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Linux, Mac)

A new (indoor) world

The rubber people (‘Reeple’) of the sandbox have joined forces to mount an expedition: to send one plucky sandronaut where no-one has ever gone before… inside the house.

Venture forth into the kid’s bedroom, find new tribes of Reeple and explore a huge new world of puzzles, characters and challenges!

Meaningful combat

For Supraland 2, a new member is joining our development team: a combat designer! Supraland 2’s combat will be re-thought from the ground up to be engaging and challenging – but most importantly meaningful. The combat will link tightly with the game’s story, puzzles and exploration aspects.

More mind-blowing abilities

One of our core design pillars for Supraland was that every ability must have many different uses. When players unlocked a tool they would constantly discover, constantly experiment, and be constantly engaged. We aim to double down on this design with Supraland 2, giving players cooler and weirder tools with which to explore the world and poke its inhabitants.
Supraland DLC 1: Crash

Support this campaign and receive, as a bonus, “Supraland: The Crash”! That’s right, Supraland 1 is getting DLC this year, and this is the first place you can get it. (The Crash is currently in development for PC.)

In “Crash”, an experimental rocket journey ends in disaster. Crash land in an unexplored part of the sandbox and take on a new adventure! The world is new, the abilities are a mix between old and new. We want the experience to be a surprise, so we won’t reveal more than this. 🙂

(Playtime approx. 4-8 hours, Release Date end of 2019)

Supraland DLC 2

In order to introduce new team members into the developing process we decided to have them make yet another DLC for Supraland 1. So there will be 2 DLC campaigns coming for Supraland 1.
Tier 2 backers will receive DLC 2 as well and also be signed up for its testing phase.

I don’t want to release details about this DLC yet to make sure it’s a surprise party for you. But it’s a singleplayer campaign as usual.

(Playtime approx. 4-8 hours, Release Date early 2020)


+ Receive Supraland 2 when it comes out.
+ Receive the Supraland 1 DLC “Crash” when it comes out later in 2019.

Tier 2: 55 € – Early Access / Beta Tester

Become part of the testing team for Supraland 2 both Supraland 1 DLCs. Discuss your experience with the developers and affect the development with your feedback as it’s being built and receive new test versions regularly. Be listed in the credits as tester.

+ Receive Supraland 2
+ Receive the Supraland 1 DLC 1 for Supraland 1
+ Receive the Supraland 1 DLC 2 for Supraland 1
+ Receive Testing Access to Supraland 2
+ Receive Testing Access to DLC 1 for Supraland 1
+ Receive Testing Access to DLC 2 for Supraland 1
+ Be listed in the credits as tester