There are actually no rules, just proceed to the next screen, until you are on the end screen!

The only rule is not to look for walkthroughs on the net. It will ruin the fun for you, and this is what all is about.
Don't try to impress others with solutions. It's no challenge to find those on google, everybody can.

Talk to Others:
IRC: quakenet #notpron
Official Forums

General hints:
-Always look for all hints you can find, and try to interpret them!
-A riddle consists of more than a picture!
-Try all to get to the next screen, no matter what. It's NOT a point and click thing!
-The url of the next riddle has nothing to do with the current one!
-Everytime you need Google, there is a build in search bar on the riddle page. No need on any others.

About passworded Stuff:
- no spaces
- no capital letters
- You won't see the password written in an obvious way
- You'll always get username and password at the same time or in the same way (except Level 13)

I'm not on a mission to prevent people from getting through this. I want you to have fun by having a good feeling everytime you beat a level, and you can be sure to learn a lot from all those riddles, if you solve 'em properly. So if you play this riddle, make sure you have fun and avoid all spoilers. Cheating is impossible, you will only run into countless cheater traps which are scattered all over the internet. They log your info and you will not be able to finish.